2017 Submissions

Fizz Dance Song
Midnight Dance Song
Stars Dance Song
2AM Ambient Song
MAI Dance Song
No Where To Go Dance Song
Hook Echo Dance Song
Undertale - Spider Dance (remix) Dance Song
Rust Industrial Song
Mike Oldfield - Nuclear (1984 remix) Synthwave Song
Major Lazer - Lean On (remix) Synthwave Song
solstice Ambient Song
Organ Funk Jazz Song
Rainless Ambient Song
Rotate Synthwave Song
Rigged Synthwave Song
In Servitude New Wave Song
Ricks Industrial Song
Tegan and Sara - Closer remix Synthwave Song
Pop Up Headlights New Wave Song
Night Owl Remix Synthwave Song
Ideasthesia Dance Song
March of the Reapers Industrial Song

2014 Submissions

Crystaline Dance Song
SHODAN Dance Song
Arch Dance Song
Gang-nam style Hip Hop - Modern Song
Clarke House Song
Fire Alarm Jazz Song
entreppi'd WIP Dance Song
Hoopityboop Industrial Song
Future Oldschool New Wave Song
M83 - Midnight City remix Dance Song
Selmo House Song
Vishnu Industrial Song
Egoraptor Style Dubstep Song
Under the radar Dance Song
Electroshock Therapy WIP Trance Song
Zedd - Spectrum (remix) Dance Song
The Rings of Jupiter edit Dance Song
Rings of Jupiter House Song
Live set intro Dance Song
Ride To Hell House Song
The Eagle's Nest House Song
Dream like state House Song
Orchestra Piano loop/wip Classical Loop
Among the Clouds House Song
The Everfree House Song
End of the line House Song
What is love remix House Song
I ate some bits House Song
Corrupt 1982 House Song
Sunsets in space Trance Song
High Voltage (Dutch House House Song
Sail on the sine waves Hip Hop - Modern Song
That'll be eight bits Trance Song
Through Jupiter's Rings House Song
For Great Justice House Song
Into Transport House Song
Under The River House Song
Avicey House Song
avicii-ey (WIP) House Song
Bevels House Song
The Circuit Board House Song
Ping Pong House Song
Oceanic Voyage House Song
Dreamscape House Song
Canned Onions House Song

2011 Submissions

t34rS Ambient Song
Experimental Experiment House Song
Doot Ambient Song